Introduction :
Because of the economical revolution that has been occurring in Saudi Arabia, United Asfar Group has emerged in the market putting front it head distinguishing in its products and services that is giving.
UAG established in 2012, and it is expanding and spread in the market and diversification its products and services to fulfill all the parties and customers' needs and wants. With taking all developing plan that the government of Saudi Arabia is planning to, UAG contribute with all its parties to Paralleled with competition and the economical environment.
Vision :
To be one of the best organization that produce products and providing services in record time and high quantity with the best quality.
Message :
To have a service and products that will be proud of.
Values :

1- Complete satisfaction for our clients.

2- Continued developing to our employees.

3- Trustful, loyalty, and commitment to all our employees and customers.

4- Producing Transparent environment to provide the right information in the right time with the best level of quality and implementation that can satisfied our clients.

5- Conducting and doing the call of business duties toward our customers.

6- Entrepreneurship and innovation.

Goals :

UAG aiming to accomplish :

1- Expanding to have an integrated group that can depend on its self to produce and deliver business requirements and needed tasks.

2- Providing needs and wants for private organizations in high quality and reasonable prices.

3- Taking advantage on technology to work side by side to provide a professional services and high quality products with quick response in record time.

Objectives that Group are pursuing to achieve:

1- Establish and preparing a positive environment to attract customers admires through working on improving quality of the products and provided services.

2- Using the best and modern methodology to promote The group products and services, and establish ongoing and integrated relations to satisfy all Group parties.

3- Expanding in providing services and products after making all feasibility that needed to facilitate business in targeted market.

4- Working on increasing the group ability to get the competitive advantage to deliver rapidly organization products and services.

5- Special study for economic circumstances to avoid all expected risks in finical aspect and technician appearances.

6- Working on increase the growth ratio for the group assets and decrease the group liabilities.

Group strategies:

1- Implementing the principle of the TQM in all the group activities.

2- Providing tolls and ways that are required to accomplish the best performances for the group.

3- Working on providing products and services in distinguished ways with high level of quality.

4- Link our clients electronically to insure quick response for serving customers.

5- Studying market to update the best ways that can cope any possible upcoming dilemmas.

6- Exploit all possible resources in optimized condition to minimize expenses and increase the level of the quality